Dangers of Living Next to Refineries and Chemical Plants

Picture of an oil rigBaton Rouge, Louisiana. Exxon Refinery Catches Fire Day After Government Settles Over Pollution From Other Gulf Plants. By Julie Dermansky.

This part of the US is known as “cancer alley.” Perhaps it could also be known as “TILT Territory”- individuals living in this region likely have many “allergies” which can be the result of chemical, food and medication intolerances, rather than traditional IgE-mediated allergies. These can develop in susceptible people as a result of the complex mixture of gases and particles polluting the air.

For the most part, doctors have difficulty diagnosing TILT-related conditions because they have not learned about this disease mechanism during their training. This includes most allergists and psychiatrists, although they see patients every day with multi-system health complaints, cognitive confusion, fatigue, and depression. They could use the QEESI (Quick Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory) to help large numbers of their patients identify their intolerances and help them avoid or minimize many of their illness triggers. 

Claudia Miller, M.D.

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