TILT Stories

People who have been TILTed come from all walks of life. They may have experienced an acute or chronic exposure in their home or workplace. Several people shared their stories about how their lives have changed since they became chemically intolerant.

Jane Little is a BBC radio reporter whom was healthy until the 2001 livestock foot and mouth outbreak in England. After having to use pesticides and disinfectants, she was never the same.

Carl Grimes is a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant whom not only helps others identify potential health problems in their homes, but also suffers from symptoms associated with TILT.

Bill and Adriana Hayward know what an unhealthy home can do to your body. They were both TILTed after a severe mold infestation in their home. They’ve dedicated their lives to building healthy homes for people who are chemically intolerant.

Dr. Thomas Gowen has treated children who’ve been exposed to various chemicals, including pesticides. He also has a family experience with TILT. His daughter,Oralia Gowen, is TILTed after being exposed to a household cleaner.

Exposure Experiences

In this series of videos, Jane Little, Carl Grimes, Oralia Gowen, and Bill and Adriana Hayward describe their exposures. Click on the play button to learn more about these individuals.

TILT Symptoms

People with TILT experience a variety of symptoms. Listen to what happened to these individuals after an initial exposure event.

About Triggers

Listen to how these individuals describe their symptoms, which are triggered by chemicals, foods, drugs and that never bothered them before.

Messages to Healthcare Providers

Individuals with TILT want doctors to know about this problem and to educate future health care providers.

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