Making Lives Better

The lines between education and outreach are complementary yet have different goals.

Our educational activities are directed toward various health care professionals including students. Introducing TILT early in a student’s training and educating physicians and other health care professions will help them recognize this phenomena which has not been part of their formal training.

The aim of our outreach efforts is to widely disseminate knowledge about TILT to all kinds of health care providers, patients, the general public and specific groups that would benefit from knowing the symptoms, resources and prevention of TILT. This audience includes dentists, architects, building contractors, victims of catastrophic pollution exposure such as the aftermath of hurricane Katrina or first responders to a disaster, war veterans exposed to various chemicals and other industrial occupational exposures.

Our outreach effort are delivered through various digital media including short animated videos and our TILT brochure delivered through Facebook, Twitter, and through other resources on the website. We also participate in local health fairs to reach the general public and are developing short radio adds.