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Ways to Join and support

  • Your donations help support the effort to understand, manage, and prevent TILT.
  • Environmental House Calls: We have recently completed enrollment for our Environmental House Calls study of 50 individuals with TILT: In this study, measurements of home air quality was assessed and the home was inspected for TILT triggers. Recommendations for better air quality and removal of potential household triggers are given. In follow-up visits we determine if air quality has improved and if triggers were removed. We then determine if there is symptom improvement among the participants. The results of this study are currently being analyzed for publication.
  • Online QEESI study: We have also completed enrollment for our online QEESI assessment and saliva samples. The goal of this study was to identify genetic variations responsible for the metabolism of toxins. Compared to those without TILT, we hypothesized that those with TILT would have more abnormalities on specific genes responsible for the metabolism of environmental toxins. Our preliminary analysis indicates that our hypothesis is consistent with the data.
  • Future research participation: Join as a future research participant. You do not have to be TILTed to join. By studying people with and without TILT we will further understand the underlying biological mechanism responsible for TILT symptoms. If you are interested in participating in a future TILT participant registry please contact us. Share your story below and indicate you’d like to join the upcoming registry.

Share Your Story

If you are TILTed, we’d like to hear about your experience. Was there a particular environmental exposure that initiated your illness? Would you be interested in joining a TILT participant registry.

Share your Story

Our research can be advanced through your generous donation

How your donation will help us:

  • Develop a pipeline of knowledgeable health professionals who recognize and address the complex challenges people with TILT are facing.
  • Improve participants’ health by conducting Environmental House Calls to help us identify environmental triggers and recommend ways to reduce exposures.
  • Identify medical tests to help diagnose TILT and optimize treatment.

Make a Donation

Environmental House calls

Sharing you’re QEESI results with us can help us identify people who are eligible for a free environmental house call. If you are TILTed you can request joining our research efforts by requesting an environmental house call.

Share Your Assessment Results With Us

By sharing you’re results with us and donating saliva, we can help you identify your unique genetic susceptibility to various toxins that you come into contact with each day.

Take the Assessment

Using portable monitoring devices and through visual inspection, the team looks for chemicals, mold, allergens and other environmental factors in homes.
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