The Dangers of Laminate Flooring

The National Center for Environmental Health at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a revised report saying everyone who has been exposed to laminate flooring could experience adverse health effects, including a lifetime cancer risk.

“The revised report concludes that irritation and breathing problems could occur in everyone exposed to formaldehyde in the tested laminate flooring, not just in sensitive groups. The report also increased the estimated lifetime cancer risk from breathing the highest levels of formaldehyde from the affected flooring all day, every day for two years. The lifetime cancer risk increased from the previous estimate of two to nine extra cases for every 100,000 people to between six and 30 extra cases per 100,000 people,” the CDC and ATSDR said.

CNN recently reported on the revised report and the Hoffman TILT group considers this an important issue for those affected by chemical intolerance. Read more on CNN.

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4 Responses to “The Dangers of Laminate Flooring”

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  2. Hello, I need help finding Kitchen Cabinets that do not contain Urea Formaldehyde that are reasonably priced. Cabinets with Urea F will cost me 11K to 14K and same size in green non Urea F will cost me $25K and up. Really! Why do sick people have to pay more? Can someone please help me. If you can recommend a reasonable cabinet place that sales non Urea Formaldehyde cabinets I will be so grateful. Thank you

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