Toxic Products

TILT-ed Texan Spreads Toxic-Chemical Awareness to Save Lives


For over 100 days in 1996, Melanie Cambron experienced migraines so severe she couldn’t leave her home. Other maladies surfaced during this time — all of which had no reasonable explanation. It wasn’t until she discovered she was one of the many people experiencing Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT), that everything changed. “My symptoms kept escalating,” Cambron […]

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Roughly 25% of Air Freshener Ingredients are Toxic to Your Health


Fragrances can make a home go from smelling objectionable to welcoming — they can also cause severe health concerns in sensitive individuals. Researchers studied the substances found in these products for years, and their results communicate a serious message: Air fresheners have the potential to trigger bodily reactions such as respiratory problems, migraine headaches, and asthma […]

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Have You Ever had an Adverse Drug Reaction?

side effects prescription drug

Many severe side effects of prescription drugs are not reported, according to new findings from JAMA Internal Medicine Moreover, the researchers who completed the study comment that current FDA regulatory practices need reform, especially the process used to report harm caused by medical devices. “Over the last 4 decades, the approval and regulation processes for […]

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The Nose Knows, But Not Always

Odors can serve as important warning signals for Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT). An odor can let us know when a chemical is present that is not good for us, or has the potential to make us sick. It is not always easy to identify a harmful chemical, however. Some initiators and/or triggers lack any […]

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ADHD Has Doubled Among Girls

A new national study documents rising rates of ADHD, including in young girls. Unfortunately, there is no discussion of the environmental factors that can contribute to ADHD or how to control them. Our 2015 study on autism and ADHD demonstrated that mothers with high scores on the validated, 50-item chemical intolerance questionnaire—the QEESI—had triple the […]

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Chemical Intolerance and Organic Foods

If you are among the subset of our population who is chemically intolerant, organic foods are the best choice for one simple reason— they are pesticide-free.

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Fragrance Sensitivity and Everyday Life

This 10-minute video on fragrance sensitivity and chemical intolerance featuring Dr. Anne Steinemann brings attention to a growing problem— one that many people dismiss, until it happens to them. More than even political differences, fragrance sensitivity divides co-workers, families, and friends.

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Pesticide Exposure during Pregnancy Increases the Risk of Autism and ADHD

Pregnant women and their developing children are especially vulnerable to chemical exposures. Finnish researchers recently found a link between pregnant mothers who were exposed to pesticides and having a son with autism. We already know that organophosphate pesticides interfere with neurodevelopment. Our study on autism, published in 2015 demonstrated that mothers with high scores on […]

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Making Back-to-School Safer and Healthier for Students

As we all prepare for back-to-school, the Coalition for Healthier Schools is urging policymakers and the community to take new action for safer, healthier and cleaner schools for children across America.

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Total Non-scents

Total Non-scents. By Claudia Miller, MD. Over the festive season, millions of us will have received bottles of perfume, aftershave, and scented shower gels. And many of us will have left them unopened; unable to handle the artificial fragrances that for a susceptible, sizeable minority represent an assault on our senses. But we are not […]

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