Chemical Intolerance Self Assessment (QEESI)

Find out if you are chemically intolerant:

The Chemical Intolerance Self-Evaluation is a complete evaluation form for assessing chemical intolerance and includes the BREESI (see below), the QEESI (see below), and a 7-item exposure history. This is designed for patients to bring to their doctors, or for doctors to give to their patients.

The Brief Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory (BREESI) is a 3-item screener for chemical intolerance with excellent predictive validity. It’s a useful tool for a quick assessment for TILT. Ideal for personal or doctor office assessments and epidemiological studies.

The Quick Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory (QEESI) is a validated questionnaire for chemical intolerance and the most widely used screening instrument available for personal use. Researchers and clinicians around the world use the QEESI to document symptoms and intolerances. People who use the QEESI find it helpful for self-assessment. It’s also a useful tool for you to take to your doctor to explain your exposures and symptoms.

Chemical Intolerance Self Assessment map area

Over 2000 individuals have completed the QEESI

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Researchers in nearly a dozen countries have used the QEESI for assessing Chemical Intolerance

See where researchers have used the QEESI

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