QEESI Online

The purpose of the QEESI is to help identify health problems you may have and to understand your responses to various exposures.

If your health problems began suddenly or became much worse after a particular event (such as an exposure), you may wish to take the QEESI twice, answering first with how you are now and then again with how you were before the event.

This questionnaire asks about your responses to various odors or chemical exposures. Please indicate whether or not these odors or exposures would make you feel sick, for example, you would get a headache, have difficulty thinking, feel weak, have trouble breathing, get an upset stomach, feel dizzy, or something like that. For any exposure that makes you feel sick, on a 0-10 scale rate the severity of your symptoms with that exposure. For exposures that do not bother you, answer “0.” Do not leave any items blank.

You will also answer questions about other exposures, the kinds of symptoms you experience, your habits and routine exposures, and the impact of intolerances on your life.

Although we cannot provide individualized medical advice, we encourage you to share the results of the QEESI with your healthcare provider.

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